Requirements For A Globe Postpaid Plan

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Are you planning to get a postpaid plan from Globe? Well, you need certain documents (ID,Proof of Billing Address and Proof of Income). Take a look at the list of allowed documents below.

Globe Postpaid Plan Requirements

Source: Globe


What if I don’t have the documents on the list?

Line Only Applicant

  • ID Only

OFW Family

  • Any of the ff as proof of income:
  • Last 3 months certificate of allotment
  • Foreign Remittance Slip


  • Any of the ff proof of income:
  • Bank Statement
  • Electricity Bill
  • Contract of Lease or Rent

No Proof of Income?

  • Pay 1 month monthly service fee in advance via credit card.
  • Get an exisiting Globe Subscriber as guarantor.
  • Pay your monthly service fee 6 months in advance.

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  1. lyn says:
    ano po ba ang ibig sabihin ng line only aplicant?need help please
    • JM says:
      “Line-only” ay yung gusto magpapostpaid plan na walang kasamang phone. It means that you only want the services that comes with being a postpaid subscriber. Take note that postpaid subscribers pay their cellphone bill monthly.
  2. mark says:
    so bsta po me lease contract pwede napo un as proof of income?
  3. mark says:
    ok lang ba un sir hnd nmn ako housewife. ok lang ba kht student/husband? nag ma masters kasi ako so wala akong work.
  4. Hazel says:
    Paano po iyong option na use of globe postpaid guarantor, ano po ang requirements?
    • JM says:
      A Globe postpaid guarantor is considered as a “proof of income.” In other words, you need someone who’s a Globe postpaid subscriber. Aside from that, you also need 2 more documents: proof of ID and proof of billing address.
  5. vince says:
    good pm sir how to apply on globe postpaid
  6. Simon Karl Arellano says:
    what are the requirements for applying for a postpaid with phone. I don’t a credit card yet. only a debit card. is it acceptable?
  7. jun marciano says:
    ilang id’s kailangan? pwede ba yung proof of id=voter’s id, billing = drivers license proof of income=company id top 8000 company?
    • JM says:
      1 ID pwede na. Voter’s ID is also a proof of billing address. I would like to answer all your questions but I am not affiliated with Globe. You can go to the nearest Globe center or contact them through Twitter @talk2globe
  8. ryan says:
    nakita ko sa website ng globe needed daw ang credit card. hindi na kame gumagamit ngayon ng credit card .. pero may checke naman .. pde na ba to as substitute???
    • JM says:
      Sa case ko po, hindi ako gumamit ng credit card and check. I don’t really know if check can be used as a substitute requirement. Sorry, but you may ask this question directly to them through twitter (@talk2globe).
  9. ryan says:
    pwede ba i substitute ang checke sa credit na requirment?
  10. shain says:
    how much will be the monthly income to avail Samsung galaxy S3?
  11. shain says:
    if inacase I want to take plan postpaid? how much will be the monthly income to avail Samsung galaxy S3?

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