DTC Announces 4 Android Phones: GT6, GT7, GT8 and GT9

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DTC Mobile has announced four (4) Android smartphones that will be added to their Astroid family. DTC GT6, GT7, GT8 and GT9 will be available next week.

Check out the 4 new smartphones below:


 GT9 Astroid Pump


 Price: P5,290


GT8 Astroid Bit


 Price: P5,690


GT7 Astroid Max


 Price: P3,690

GT6 Astroid Jack



Price: P3,290


Update: Prices are now available! We’ll update this post once the official prices of the 4 phones are announced.


What do you think of these 4 entry-level Android phones? Share you comments below.

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  2. Lyndie says:
    i have GT7 right now.. i want to know if the casing of these phone is available if not so when is the time it will be available,,thanks..hope u will response..cause the phone will be more protected if they have a leather case to avoid in any scratches..

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